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swapnil education trust, pune was established in 2004 by wing commander (retd.) v. r. paraskar of indian air force to make the beautiful years of child’s schooling a joyous experience and also shape and build character along with producing responsible and worthy human beings of the world. with this aim in mind, flying colours schools came into existence.
wing commander v. r. paraskar thought the name “flying colours” apt for his institution because colours attract us and are essential part of our daily life. nature is colourful but lifestyle leaves us with little time to admire its beauty. presently, the result is stress, anger and ailment. natural colours relax tense muscles, they lower our heart beats and pulse rate. when the light enters the body through the eyes or skin, it travels the neurological path to the pineal glands of the brain and ensures proper functioning of various organs. just as a balanced diet, consisting of different coloured fruits, vegetables and grains give us all the necessary nutrients for healthy body, so also sunlight provides us with all the essential elements consisting of different coloured energy rays, so necessary for healthy living. healthy living ensures healthy mind.
during his experience in the educational field over a decade, wing commander paraskar observed that the books available in the market for the preschoolers need improvement to foster self esteem in the children. he believes that every child is a different kind of flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden. what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what you have woven into the lives of your children!
children learn by imitation, so when they go through mind blowing books, they imbibe the qualities of self confidence and self assurance. therefore, wing commander paraskar started flying colours publications with an aim to encourage preschooler’s talents and abilities.
the books empower children to think independently, for their thoughts become words and words become actions, form a habit